Tired of terrible meetings? Learn how design thinking can change your workplace.

Workshops that put Theory into Practice

Innovation methods and design thinking are changing the world, but for these concepts to benefit your organization, you need to know how to apply them in your context.

Our interactive workshops offer a taste of how design thinking practices and a collaborative culture can fuel productivity, growth and innovation, and we offer practical application exercises you can use at your organization.

Meeting you where you are

Adaptive Capacity workshops are designed to engage teams around issues that matter, customized for your context. Mouse over the questions below to learn more about our offerings. 

Workshop Details

Our workshops are 2 hours in length, and can include customized content for your team. 


Your team of 5-12 people.

Ideally cross-functional, meaning people from different departments or with different responsibilities

In-person or online.

Adaptive Capacity consultants facilitate an engaging, interactive session at your location or through a virtual meeting.

Practical application.

We provide worksheets, guides, and best practices to help your team apply learnings to their context.

Choose the Workshops that Work for you

Contact us for more information, or to request a custom workshop or retreat for your team.