Transparency. Accountability. Vulnerability.

These are the core values that drive the way we work.

What we do is less important than the way we do it. Our most important job is helping clients articulate, communicate, and live their values.



We offer
people-centered projects
for better outcomes,
stronger teams,
greater impact

Delivering Projects with Momentum

In physics, momentum is mass multiplied by speed. We’ve applied this equation to our work. We call it the Adaptive Approach.


Self-managing teams (mass) work better together and come up with more innovative ideas.


Agile Management (speed) promotes accountability, and it’s flexible enough to handle change


A strong team using an Agile process completes more successful projects. This creates momentum for your organization to make a stronger impact.

Solutions for Every Industry

We serve a diverse group of clients from a variety of industries across the country

HR/Training & Development/Recruitment
Social Services
Conference / Event Planning

Whether you are changing lives, improving the planet, or growing a business, we can help!

We have mastered many tools


Content & Design
Managed Hosting
Password-Protected Learning
Private Client Portal

Project Management
Branding & Brand Strategy
Marketing & Communications
Strategic Use of Technology
Agile Project Immersion

Design Thinking Workshops
Collaboration Boot Camp
Innovator Survey
Strategic Leadership Training

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