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We imagine a world where work is defined by creativity, collaboration, and innovation, not hours and effort


Delivering Projects with Momentum

You don't have to keep doing things the same way you've always done them. We can get you moving in the right direction.

Problems We Can Solve

You have a capable team but they struggle to manage a project on their own

We offer workshops and team training classes focused on collaborative work habits, team project management, and using design thinking to increase innovation in the workplace.

You don’t have time for strategic planning because you’re too busy managing details

Using tools specifically designed for leaders, we offer training in Agile Management to help you identify what is most important so you can select your best next step every day, and learn to delegate work to a self-managing team.

We can be your project manager, or train your manager or team in our system. We can also help you evaluate how well your project aligns with your goals and help you identify the best next steps to get back on track!

Our Adaptive project management process incorporates short, regular meetings with set agendas to increase productivity. We have also created tools for quick and efficient meeting planning, designed to identify goals and outcomes.

We develop custom software solutions that are intuitive, enjoyable, and designed to simplify your life.

Our approach to web development is based on design thinking principles. We create websites that connect your unique message with the needs of your users or customers to increase their engagement and interaction with your organization.

Productive and practiced collaboration fosters innovation

We value team interaction structure, and understanding more than tactical skills

We believe that vulnerability precedes progress

The Story of Adaptive

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