Break Out of Business as Usual

Learn how a different approach to work can strengthen your team, increase your capacity, and improve your organization’s performance


Work that isn’t defined by hours or effort

Everyone has a lot of work to do. But getting things done doesn’t have to feel like drudgery.

We developed the Adaptive Approach, a new way of working that’s energizing, rewarding, and productive. It’s a critical component of our own team’s success and we are excited to share it!

One Integrated Approach

The Adaptive Approach combines practices from software development, design and marketing, and manufacturing. It promotes collaboration, a customer-first mentality, and an Agile process to:

  • Deliver projects successfully, on time and on budget
  • Prioritize focus areas
  • Leverage technology for streamlined work
  • Create stronger, self-managed teams
  • Gain tools and a process to increase transparency, and accountability


Two Methods of Delivery

We will teach you the basics of the Adaptive Approach and how your organization can benefit from it.

Agile Project Consulting
Using principles from Agile management, we will work with your team on a specific project. Or you can outsource your project to us!

Learn the basics and the benefits of the Adaptive Approach

These interactive, 90-minute sessions will introduce your team with methods and principles that increase collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

Strategic Leadership Training
In a one-on-one or small group format, you’ll learn how to maximize your leadership role, empower your team, and balance tactical and strategic work.

Collaboration Boot Camp
This 4-part workshop series will provide your team with the knowledge, tools, and habits to implement and manage a successful collaborative project.

Outsourced Project Team

When you have a project but not the capacity to carry it out, we can be your outsourced project team.

Take advantage of our expertise in marketing, communication strategy, technology, software, and web development. Project management is included!

Agile Project Immersion

This exclusive 6-session program offers an immersive learning experience. Teams will learn our project management process while they apply it to a specific project.

The program also includes in-depth training for one “project champion” in Agile project management.

Project Management Team

When you don’t have time to keep your project on track and your team accountable, we can be your project managers!

With our Agile approach, you’ll be able to track project progress and see who is working on what tasks at any given time.

We can lead meetings at your location, our location, or via videoconference. We adapt our services to fit your needs.

Projects don’t always go as planned — so we have a built-in process for managing unforeseen obstacles and opportunities.

Throughout our  consulting, we provide ongoing support via online messaging, video chat, email, and phone.

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