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Adaptive Capacity Maximizes Your Success

Adaptive Capacity is dedicated to improving the way you work through Agile-based project management services. Our consultants transform ideas into practice through one-on-one coaching, group process facilitation, and strategic communication and innovative technology services.


Practicing transparent communication and creating specifically stated goals and responsibilities


Getting employees and customers on board at the start to save energy in the future


Considering the end and the means of the project while balancing consistency and responsiveness


Including what everyone involved with the project, including the users, bring to the table


Applying these principles maximizes the ability to respond to a changing environment

Projects managed using an Agile methodology have a 28% higher success rate – and a 20% lower failure rate – than those using traditional project management methods.

Our Services

We help with new projects, stalled projects, unwieldy projects -- and we can even help you prioritize all the current projects on your plate!  Our goal is to help you make the most meaningful impact on your organization's goals.

Our project managers are domain experts in a variety of fields such as communication, technology, and group process. So, in addition to helping manage your project, we excel at joining your staff in getting things done through our embedded project team model.

  • Virtual Project Management Office
  • One-on-one Project Management Coaching
  • Embedded Project Team
  • Management Consulting
  • Discovery Engagement
  • Group Process Facilitation
  • Website development
  • IT management
  • Software integrations
  • Content Audit
  • Website Content Refresh
  • Content & Marketing Strategy
  • Writing and Editorial Services

Problems We Can Solve

  • "We keep generating great ideas, but never seem to do anything with them."
  • "Our communications team isn’t able to use what the IT department produced."
  • "I’m overwhelmed by the amount of things we have to do, and I don’t know how to prioritize."
  • "Our project is stalled, and we don’t know what the next steps should be."
  • "I have to implement a new initiative but it’s broad in scope and I don’t know how to get started"
  • "We’re too siloed"
  • "We’re overwhelmed with email."
  • "The IT staff don’t get what the rest of our team does!"
  • "People in different departments are duplicating work"
  • "Our organization's new strategic focus makes my entire project feel irrelevant. But I don’t want to abandon it because we’ve already put in so much time and energy."
  • "We have a ton of data but I don’t know how to analyze it or what to do with it."
  • "Our website isn’t doing anything for us."
  • "I don't know how to get people to my blog (or website)."
  • "I feel like I should be doing more with [ social media, web, app, cloud ] technology."
  • "My team’s skills aren’t up-to-date."
  • "My team is overly specialized."

Service Packages

Your Rate, Our Date
Is your organization just getting started with strategy? Reserve up to 5 hours with a strategic consultant and make plans to break through roadblocks or pioneer new paths. The best part? You name the price!
Long-Term Retainer
Need strategy on-demand? From simply having us on-call to embedding with your staff as an in-house strategic office, our retainer model provides ongoing consultation at a fraction of our hourly rate.
Project-Based Engagements
Our project management process builds clarity and buy-in for your staff. A fixed-length or fixed-cost project supplements your strategic work with our consultants, developers, designers, and content creators.


  • Their presence is a positive change for a culture that shows trust and vulnerability toward change, and will help you rethink your own ideas and work ethic in a natural and radical way.
    • James V, Educational Technologist
  • [They have a] knowledge of our organization, an understanding of our work, and are easy to work with with a willingness to get you to the end result that you are looking for.
    • Operations Manager, Faith-Based Nonprofit
  • They moved us along on projects in ways we could not have done on our own, and certainly could not have done so as quickly.
    • Paul B, Operations Director
  • Charlie is collaborative, creative and caring in his approach to technology and organizational management.
    • Doug M, Leadership Consultant
  • He's smart, innovative, a problem solver, will seek to resolve the issues he's hired to solve. Also asks questions to get at root of issues.
    • Ken N, Director of Development
  • They provided some great ideas for communication and processes we could follow.
    • Andy C, Pastor

Let’s Get Things Done!

We'd love to hear about the projects you are working on, and share our expertise to support your goals. Contact us today to get started--one of our consultants will be in touch within 2 business days.

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