Persona Questionnaire

A Persona is a fictitious representation of a real group of people.

To create a persona, do not use stereotypes, but instead rely on your experience and personal interactions to answer the questions. A Persona should feel as real as a character in a novel or movie, and will help you better engage the people you serve. Please complete this survey for each of your organization's personas.

Please complete the questionnaire to the best of your ability, and don't worry about giving a "wrong" answer. We encourage you to answer all of the questions, but you may leave some blank. We will use input from your team combined with our own research and expertise to create the persona.

Please contact us at if you have questions.

  • Your Persona

  • For example, a customer who is interested in one of your specific products or services, a potential donor, a type of employee, a board member
  • For example, Opinionated, Overworked, Hesitant
  • Demographics

    Thinking statistically, answer the questions about demographics. Base this information on your experience. Usually, your first instinct about demographic information is right!
  • For example, married with young kids, retired, workaholic, struggling to make ends meet
  • Work Life

  • If the Persona is younger than 18, we consider their occupation to be a student. Please use this space to indicate if the persona doesn't work or is unemployed.
  • For example, VP of Marketing, Company Owner, Sales Manager
  • On average
  • Select all that apply
  • Does this Persona have the power to decide what action to take with your company (for example, to purchase your product)?
  • Please describe this persona's responsibilities, work style, (independent? collaborative?), motivators, logistics (cubicle? office? travel?), and preferred mode of communication
  • Personal Life

  • Please describe this persona's family life, volunteer work, hobbies, commitments, values, community involvement. If this question is not relevant to your persona, please leave it blank.
  • This can be related to work, family, finances, relationships, etc.
  • For example, purchase our product, donate, become a long-term client, engage with company culture
  • Don't simply list what *you* view as the benefits. Be sure to answer this question from your Persona‚Äôs perspective. What would they say?
  • Now consider what might prevent [Name] from taking this action? Please write 2-3 sentences in each box. Consider how demographics, life and work challenges, access to resources, unique traits, personal attitudes/habits, or use of technology obstacles.