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What does the way you work say about your willingness to innovate?

Creative collaboration is the most reliable path to business innovation.

Yet many organizations have structures that discourage collaboration and creativity.

Disconnected departments.

Distant leadership.

Cubicle farms.


Adaptive Capacity offers a process to improve the effectiveness of teams

Blending design thinking methods and proven concepts from the software industry, our method offers distinct business advantages:

Improved project success rate.
Our collaborative project management style has a 28% higher rate of delivering successful projects.
Built-in accountability.
People support what they help create, and our creative process helps you build self-managing cross-functional teams.
Increased transparency and team communication.
Teams with shared information systems have more awareness, trust, and productivity.

The teams we work with have a higher capacity to:

Rapidly identify new business opportunities and ideas

Complete projects successfully by knowing the best next steps

Leverage empathy and culture as competitive advantages

With stronger teams, your organization will increase its ability to seize opportunities and adapt to change.

What does your business team aspire to?

Values define the way we do our work. Certain values lead to more productive work than others. When working with teams, we focus on:

  • Working on projects
    over working in departments
  • Collaborative problem solving
    over individual tenacity
  • Adapting to change
    over maintaining tradition
  • Continually improving process
    over business as usual
Group brainstorming process

Are you ready to innovate using creative collaboration?

We offer packages for organizations at every stage of their innovation journey. Choose the option that best meets your needs:

Creative Collaboration Boot Camp

This 2-meeting intro to creative collaboration and process innovation is ideal for teams at the beginning of their innovation journey

Foundations of Project Design

A 3 - 4 month process for teams to use design and project management principles to maximize project impact

Adaptive Project Management

Increase your team’s project performance, accountability, and transparency with this system

Embedded Project Team

Expand your capacity while mastering adaptive methods by adding Adaptive Capacity to your team

Customer Engagement Strategy

Watch us use our own tools to complete a customer-centric project for your business

Customized Consulting

For organizations seeking specific integration of adaptive process improvements

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