Leverage the innovative power of your team

It’s Not If You Can Innovate, But How

Now more than ever, innovation fuels organizational growth.

Innovation isn’t just about inventing better products. It’s also about applying creativity to solve a problem, improve a service, or seize an opportunity.

Everyone has an innovative side. Our Adaptive Innovator Type Assessment (AITA) measures an individual’s preferred approach to innovation.

How It Works

AITA asks questions about how individuals view and approach problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration at work.

Time Commitment.

AITA is an all-employee online survey with 120 questions. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Individual Results

are automatically sent via email. Individual responses are completely confidential.

Manager's Report

includes each employee’s Innovator Type, aggregate numeric scores, and customized tips and recommendations.

1:1 Consulting

to review results, with a focus practical tools and methods that will maximize collaboration and innovation.

Harness Your Team’s Potential

Happy team in office

Adaptive Innovator Type Assessment results identify an individual’s unique Innovator Type, which describes the way someone naturally approaches innovation and in what context they prefer to innovate.

Understanding how to leverage different approaches to innovation is key for organizations and teams that want to work productively, identify better projects, and make big ideas a reality.


Who Can Benefit from AITA

Powerful Innovation Includes Different Approaches

Creativity is the ability to imagine.

Creativity discovers new possibilities and can solve wicked problems. Workplaces that can leverage creativity have stronger teams, more engaged employees, and a competitive edge.

Innovation is applied creativity.

Innovation is an improvement to the status quo with a goal in mind. Innovation requires a goal, plan, and structure for creative work, which is necessary for great ideas to become reality.

There’s no one way to innovate.

AITA helps teams envision multiple paths to innovation. Understanding how a variety of tools, methods, and approaches can create synergy will help teams work more productively.

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