Adaptive Project Foundations: When you need a project plan and a capable team to get it done

We start with what works

Our 6-session Adaptive Project Foundations training helps teams build collaborative skills through a combination of Design Thinking methods and proven Agile practices, which result in 3 times more successful projects.

Design Thinking Methods


Agile Practices


Successful Collaboration

We prepare teams for success

Adaptive Project Foundations provides teams with what they need to develop a well-defined project plan and a shared definition of success. Teams will learn: 

➤  Design Thinking and UX  methods 

➤  A collaborative project management system 

➤  How to define what “done” means for a project

➤  How to break ideas into actionable tasks

➤  Skills that build strong and self-managing teams

➤  Agile practices to adapt to change 

➤  How to leverage collaboration for success


What’s Included

Adaptive Project Foundations training combines theory and practice to prepare your team for collaborative project work


Training over Time.

Six 2-hour sessions, led by Adaptive consultants, for teams between 3-7 people

Practical Application.

Worksheets, tools, guides, and assignments to help teams apply learnings to their context

Coaching and Consulting.

Ongoing team support throughout the engagement, and 1:1 consulting with the Project Lead

Digital Tools.

Exposure to digital resources that support collaboration and improve team performance

Let us increase your team’s capacity

Investing in collaboration and project management will increase employee engagement, fuel innovation, and support organizational growth.

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